A tradition of jam

It is not known for sure where jam's true origin lies; the fact remains that today, as so many centuries ago, it is part of the Italian tradition. It is a preparation that unites generations, who work together to create unique products, excellent both as a base for desserts and on its own, simply spread on a slice of bread.


Legend has it that the first jam in history was prepared for Catherine of Aragon. The queen, once married to King Henry VIII, missed the fruits of her land. The best way to preserve them and transport them to her new home was to bake them with sugar. However, the reality shows that it has much older origins, dating back to the time of the Greeks, who used to bake fruit with honey in order to increase its shelf life.

So many stories, but only one certainty, that jam is a product that is never missing from the tables of Italians. It is something reminiscent of the family, especially grandmothers, who ever since ancient times tried their hand at these preparations that went to brighten the snacks of their grandchildren. Today, jams are used in the making of classic desserts, such as tarts, but they are also often found accompanying cheeses and game, with which they create a unique and tasty contrast.

The Italian tradition never lacks peach compote. A product with a high fruit content and a lower sugar content than normal jams. The peach conjures up authenticity and memories associated with family. It is one of the most versatile as it is excellent in baked desserts, but also sublime when paired with pork.

Do not forget to try fig compote. This fruit was once considered by the Greeks as the ideal food for the diet of philosophers and orators. Such compote has the advantage of preserving the flavors of the fruit, thus being able to keep it throughout the year. It is excellent with goat cheeses, but also as a filling for delicious crêpes. Pear compote is one of the excellences of Piemonte, thanks to the great variety of fruit in the area. A sweetness already inherent in the fruit that is able to release unique aromas. Ideal to spread on a slice of bread softened with local alpine butter.


Among the typical products of the region, one cannot fail to mention cognà. A typical autumn recipe made with Piedmontese grapes, whose origins are in Monferrato and Langhe. A sweet and strong flavor with the cooked must of unripe grapes as the main ingredient. This is flavored with apples, pears, walnuts, almonds and citrus peel.

Making a jam is a way to reawaken all the senses. The use of local and wholesome ingredients brings to mind the past and how this tradition started out of the necessity to preserve fruit and vegetable products, but today fills the heart of every taster.