The Eccellenze di Langa

Today you'd see the big hollow hill, the clump of trees, the brown and blue, the houses, and you'd say: it's as it is. As it must be. That's enough for you. It is a perennial land. Can you look for anything else? You pass over these things and wrap them up and live them, like air, like a burr of clouds. No one knows that this is all there is.

Cesare Pavese

Panorama langhe

Those hills painted between the clear sky and the Monviso in the distance: strips of land that harmoniously draw a suggestive scenery. The vineyards and the hazel groves are the protagonists of this sweet thought. A dog that sniffs and barks, the owner knows, he has found it! Ready to scratch, the grandmother kneads and the offspring wait.

The "Eccellenze di Langa" are on the table: a glass of Barolo opens the dances, the artisanal salami slice after slice paves the way for the steaming and enveloping tajarin, the hazelnut cake is eager to be dipped in zabajone.

Have a nice Sunday.