Grape harvest in Langhe: a family celebration

The end of summer is an important time for many, especially in areas where the local economy is based on viticulture. Autumn is synonymous with the grape harvest, especially in the Langhe where this activity has always been associated with a festive event.

The landscape changes, and with it its smells and sounds. The cheerful laughter between the rows of vines of those who are preparing to harvest the grapes that will one day brighten their meals, mixes with the smell of must. It is here that some of Italy's finest wines, such as Barolo, Dolcetto d'Alba and Nebbiolo d'Alba, are produced. This harvesting phase begins between September and November and represents the conclusion of a production cycle that crowns the efforts of the local vintners. It is the first of the processes that will go to make up the entire harvest. Nothing must be left to chance and every aspect must be studied in order to get the best result from grapes. Today, as in the past, the bunches of grapes are picked during the coolest hours of the day, when the dew has dried and the berries reflect the first rays of the sun. Imagining such an idyllic landscape is a dream just to think about. Diano d'Alba, Barolo, Castiglione Falletto and many other villages in the Langhe come alive during this period. A journey through the rows of vines that is not just an activity to be carried out all together as a sign of unity, but is really an itinerary through sensations. A glass of wine encloses flavors, smells, colors of grapes, but also the landscape that has seen them born and grow.

The hills of the Langhe have a history that has always attracted curious people from all over the world. The wine production here follows precise rules and visiting these places has also a strong visual impact. Vineyards with attention to the smallest details, farmhouses to welcome visitors who want to know what is behind that Nebbiolo d'Alba that they taste with so much pleasure. Everything is studied to create an experience that will leave its mark. The harvest, however, is not limited to the picking of the grapes. In the past, one of the families' favorite phases was the pressing. It was a celebration where everyone gathered to give their contribution to what had been for them a year of hard work. The Langhe became a place where people enjoyed themselves to the sound of music and the merenda sinoira" based on local cheeses and cold cuts, without ever forgetting the local wine. So, between glasses of Barbera d'Alba and a foot-stomping, there was also time to crown the queen of the grapes. Not all these traditions have been lost, and still today grape harvesting is something that unites people and reminds them of that past where they waited for this event all year long in order to finally see their efforts rewarded. The grape harvest in the Langhe is an opportunity to taste excellent wines and to discover the local food and wine by participating in the Fiera del Tartufo di Alba or by visiting a local winery.