Beppino Occelli

Farigliano (CN)

A story about a passion

The story of Beppino Occelli's taste originated in the Langhe, during the Piedmontese summer pastures. The strong connection to traditions, the deep and indissoluble bond with the territory, along with the continuous research, have led the Occelli family to create unique and exclusive products both in terms of taste and appearance.

The Piedmontese dairy in Farigliano is his "Langa laboratory," where the most famous dairy "jewels" are forged.

Ancient maturation

Maturation at Valcasotto has been a deeply rooted tradition for nearly a century: here, the cheeses of the Langa and Cuneo mountains find their ideal cradle. In the darkness of these cellars, time works alongside air and water to bring the cheeses to full maturity, while expert ripeners periodically turn the wheels.

Beppino Occelli Cheeses

Our exclusive specialties such as Cusiè, l'Occelli al Barolo ed il Crutin cheeses are made from carefully selected Italian milk. They are matured and aged for a long time in the cool, ancient cellars of Valcasotto, the Borgo dei Formaggi, to create Beppino Occelli's Gran Riserva.

Respect for raw materials

The continuous search for quality that has been ongoing for over forty years started with the selection of the best pastures, rich in alpine flower essences that give the milk its flavor, the same flavor we find in our cheeses. These are pastures, meadows, and forests located at the foot of the Maritime Alps: between the Langhe and the Alpeggi.

Occelli al Barolo

A hard cheese made from cow and sheep's milk, the Occelli al Barolo is aged for a very long time in the cellars. It is then aged for another two months in Langa pomace enriched with Barolo wine. It was considered the best "drunk" cheese in a test conducted by Slow Food experts in 1999.