Cascina Fontane

Castino (CN)

Passion, tradition, innovation

The main objective of Cascina Fontane is to continue and innovate, through increasingly modern and mechanized agronomic methods, the centuries-old tradition of hazelnut cultivation in the Alta Langa area which, with its peculiar orography, soil, and climate characteristics, is the ideal location for the development of this type of cultivation.

The latest technologies are at the service of the artisans' commitment to pay meticulous attention to the product and all its phases of development and processing. A verticalized structure that allows us to start from the “field", taking care of the product in all phases of the activity, to get to meet the needs of both the B2B market and the final consumer.

Cristina Boffano

Born in 1984, Cristina graduated from the University of Gastronomic Sciences of Pollenzo and following various professional experiences in the hospitality sectors, today she has two main objectives: to cultivate the family land to the highest standards and to obtain a faithful production of Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P. delle Langhe in shell. 

The Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P. delle Langhe

Cascina Fontane – Atelier della Nocciola produces only Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P. delle Langhe, which are the most sought-after by the confectionery industry on account of their distinctive qualities, as well as being universally considered the best in the world.

Excellence & Nature

Cascina Fontane pays great attention to ecology, environmental values and consumer health, following modern farming methods and using highly advanced technology.
From the tree to the harvest and processing.

Roasted Hazelnuts IGP 500g

The IGP Roasted Piedmont Hazelnut is undoubtedly the best quality hazelnuts thanks to its organoleptic characteristics and fragrance that make it unique. They are perfect for an energy snack or as a base for many recipes both sweet and savory. One pulls the other, impossible to resist.