In the heart of Alta Langa

Cuor di nocciola delle Langhe

Cravanzana (CN)

Craftsmanship, research of the highest quality

For four generations, the Robaldo family has been growing hazelnuts in Cravanzana, in the Langhe, Piedmont. A choice of life, but also a choice of heart.

Today, thanks to the enthusiasm of Andrea and Alberto, the fourth generation, the company has decided to embark on a new adventure: not only growing hazelnuts, but also processing them. In this way, by controlling the entire supply chain and making sure that only the family's hazelnuts reach the laboratory, they are able to give voice to this fruit with which the family is deeply in love. Cuor di Nocciola cultivates good hazelnuts and transforms them into excellent products, scrupulously and rigorously BIO.

Welcome in the Pais dra Nisora!

For many years Cravanzana, in Alta Langa, has been the Pais dra Nisora (the village of hazelnuts), the nerve center of the production of Hazelnut Tonda Gentile Trilobata. The small village on top of the hill, is completely surrounded by the profiles of hazel groves. 

The Nocciola Piemonte IGP

Our hazelnuts are naturally dried in the sun, shelled, selected, toasted, selected again by hand and passed in the grinder to obtain a natural paste. The family hazel groves extend in long rows of trees, among which you can find our grass care workers, the goats!

Best to rely on the real experts

They are the Robaldo family and Cravanzana is their home. For four generations they have been growing hazelnuts right here. A choice of life, but also a choice of the heart: the land has given them so much and they are tied to it in a special way.

Hazelnut Cream with cocoa BIO 250g

The quality of IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts, combined with cocoa powder and cane sugar: all strictly organic ingredients, carefully selected to accompany the fruits of our labor. This is the secret behind our Hazelnut Cream with cocoa: soft and velvety, and easy to spread thanks to the hazelnut's high content of natural fats (oleic acid). Hazelnuts are rich in unsaturated fats, vitamin E and omega 6. For a healthy, tasty and genuine breakfast: a sweetness that is good for you!