Azienda Agricola Mariangela Prunotto

Alba (CN)

Fruit growers in Alba since 1863

The Azienda Agricola Mariangela Prunotto is located in Alba, capital of the Langhe and an area of particular agricultural and viticultural value, and for several years now has been adopting the method of "sustainable organic farming" in its cultivations.

The company operates in an artisan way, without the use of any chemical product, carefully selecting fruits and vegetables, thereby obtaining genuine products. The handicraft and natural transformation allows us to obtain a product in which the flavors of the raw materials are exalted helping you rediscover forgotten flavors.

Peach compote 345g

The Peach compote is made with the best peaches, picked in the orchards at the perfect point of ripeness and processed after a few hours with the addition of cane sugar. The result is a product that enhances the flavor of the fruit used and with the handcrafted characteristics that only our mothers can match.