Castelletto Uzzone (CN)

Piedmont Hazelnut IGP artisanal products

The story of the Cerrato family starts at the end of the 50's, in a family workshop, in a village of Alta Langa, and it is here that they learned the artisanal wisdom that still distinguishes them today.

A thriving company that boasts of a very rich production, run by Alessandro Cerrato, his wife Maria and his daughter Arianna, the Cerrato pastry shop is keeping the tradition of exceptional confectionery art alive, which is enriched day by day with new creations, new products, in order to satisfy the requests not only of local customers but also of many fans of Piedmontese sweets, all over Italy.

Artisan Hazelnut Bakers

>Nocciolarte has always been an artisan oriented company, passing on the good taste of homemade cakes. Following tradition means keeping alive a unique handmade process based on slow preparation times and extreme care throughout each phase of the production.

The Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P.

Only Nocciola Piemonte I.G.P hazelnuts are used for production. They are internationally recognized as the best hazelnuts in the world, thanks to their intense aroma, unique taste and excellent shelf life after roasting.

There is art in the artisan, and from art come the specialties of Nocciolarte

Everyday the Cerrato family selectshealthy, excellent ingredients and craftsmanship, to remain faithful to the flavor of the classic sweet and savory traditional Piedmontese desserts.

Hazelnut cake without flour 350g

The Hazelnut cake is a specialty of the Langhe and Roero that has the Tonda Gentile IGP hazelnut as its primary ingredient. It is a cake that lends itself to any occasion with its unique flavour and intense aroma of toasted hazelnuts. Every bite releases an extraordinary sensation that tastes of the past and tradition.