a passion that has lasted for 70 years

Olio Desiderio

Diano d'Alba (CN)

The work of the Desiderio family

For years Olio Desiderio has chosen exclusively Italian olives to be processed, ensuring that the harvest is performed manually with the comb method and at the right time of ripeness, thus preventing the olives from falling to the ground bruising and deteriorating.

The olives, placed in baskets, are taken to the mill where the cold pressing and subsequent centrifugation, separate the impurities from the must. This is how the prodigy of Desiderio's extra virgin olive oil is born, which makes its way to the table under continuous controls in order to offer consumers the fragrance of authentic and genuine flavors and aromas.

A passion that has been going since 1949

Founded by Desiderio Rinaldi, from which the company gets its name, the company was originally founded by four of the seven Rinaldi brothers, who had been orphaned. Fearless and courageous, they invested their commitment and the little savings they had, laying the foundations of the current Olio Desiderio.

A family affair

Some 70 years after the start of the adventure, the passion for oil has been passed down throughout the family, and today the second and third generations of the Desiderio Rinaldi family are working for the company, carrying on the values of the founders.


The path of quality

Extra virgin olive oil, to reach levels of excellence, it must take a path that starts from the olive groves and follows careful and rigorous transformation and processing techniques.

Extra Virgin olive oil 0,5l

The Extra virgin olive oil is considered the "green gold" of the Italian culinary tradition, as its value and history derive from a four hundred year long tradition. The aroma opens with hints of medicinal herbs, a slight aftertaste of tomato and artichoke. It contains within it all the scents and flavors that preserve the real fragrances of the fruit.