Pasta d'Alba

Diano d'Alba (CN)

Handmade pasta with organic flours and nothing else

Pasta d'Alba was born in the heart of the Langhe, thanks to the intuition of its founder Dario Mainardi and his wife Rosangela, a naturopath: giving life to a family-run organic artisan pasta factory where quality, tradition and innovation meet.

That the quality of the products begins with the selection of raw materials. This has always been the family's strong suit: Pasta d'Alba works with fresh, often stone-ground flours from certified organic farms, sometimes biodynamic, including Italian grains, whole wheat flours, ancient grains, gluten-free flours and 100% legumes.

In the heart of Langhe

The headquarters is in Diano d'Alba and houses two separate laboratories: the first for the processing of classic and local flours, and the second, with ministerial authorization, used for certified gluten-free products.

Tradition comes first

In the family laboratory, tagliolini and tagliatelle are handmade, according to tradition. This is followed by a slow drying process of at least twenty hours, which is fundamental for conservation and to best preserve quality.

Pasta d'Alba uses only organic flours

For a product such as pasta made with few and simple ingredients, the quality of the raw material is what makes all the difference, for this reason the company uses only flours from organic farming.

Organic Hazelnut Tagliatelle 250g

The Tagliatelle alla Nocciola Organic are made with the addition of freshly chopped hazelnuts that give them a unique aroma and taste. They can be enjoyed with just a drizzle of oil and parmesan cheese, or with a simple sauce that enhances the incredible aroma.